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Spring 2017 Professional Outdoor Instructors #EE60th

April 22, 2017 by Jen Smith
Spring 2017 POI's

Front Row: Maggie, Hannan, Dorothy, Sian Back Row: Ryan, Tyler, Hannah, Chelsea, Fred, Niki, Tory, Steve

In the spirit of Earth Day (April 22) and National Environmental Education Week #EEWeek (April 23 to April 29), Bradford Woods would like to introduce our Spring 2017 Professional Outdoor Instructors.  They have been teaching local 5th graders participating in our residential environmental education programs since late March.  They have been teaching about aquatic life, outdoor living skills, and tree identification, including Black and Sugar Maple trees for our Maple Syrup Camp, among other environmental education and team building activities.  School groups have said that the instructors are very engaging with their students, they are energetic and passionate, and they have boundless energy!  The outdoor instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and are from across the United States and around the world.   Without further ado, introducing the Spring 2017 Professional Outdoor Instructors:

Tyler (Indiana) came to Bradford Woods because of its great facilities and the beautiful property.  Tyler is completing an internship for his degree requirements at IU.

Hannan (Arizona) came to BW to experience a new environment.  Hannan is completing an internship for her degree requirements at Northern Arizona University.

Tory (Pennsylvania) joined us this season to learn more about outdoor education.

Maggie (New York) wants to share what she’s learned about nature with others.

Dorothy (South Carolina) is a returning POI from Spring 2014.  She returned to learn more about what it takes to be a great leader.

Sian (United Kingdom) came to Bradford Woods to learn more about outdoor education and work with other passionate staff.

Fred (Philippines) is a returning POI from Fall 2016.  He has returned to share his knowledge and experiences with his fellow POI’s and to learn how other countries facilitate outdoor education.

Niki (Indiana) came to BW to learn more about facilitating outdoor experiences.  Niki is completing an internship for her degree requirements at IU.

Hannah (Ohio) joined us this season because she loves to teach in an outdoor classroom, like Bradford Woods.

Chelsea (Indiana) wants to teach the next generation about the importance of learning about our Earth.

Steve (Illinois) came to BW to gain more experience teaching outdoor education.  Steve is completing an internship for his degree requirements at Western Illinois University.

Ryan (Kenya) came to BW to enhance his outdoor teaching skills and to positively impact the students he encounters.

For more information about our residential environmental education programs, check out our website.  #EE60th

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