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Here are just a few quotes from our campers and volunteers to highlight the benefits of camp: Camper with tree
“It’s really cool, because you get to meet other kids with the same disability you have, and share your experiences with that disability, and you get to compare stories, and you end up lifelong friends.”
“… there are so many fun activities.  And I get to make lots of new friends who understand that having cancer doesn’t make you weird.”
“It’s a family.  Maybe not in the traditional sense, but trust me, it’s a family.”
“…I just want to be normal, and at camp I can be.  I guess that’s really why I love camp.”
“I can’t imagine what life would be like without camp.  It means the world to me.  It’s the most amazing place.  I just feel… happy there, like everything is going to be okay.”
“…camp makes me feel hopeful.”
“Camp is a fantastic place where you feel loved and there’s no hate… It would be a better world if it were like camp.”
“I am amazed at what can be experienced in the outdoors by persons with disabilities.  The emptied wheelchairs are delightful to see when the usual occupants are up dancing or wall climbing, etc.  You will be changed in a positive way that you will remember forever.” -Roselle Partridge, Instructor (retired), Indiana University School of Nursing