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Project Wolf


“For the strength of the wolf is in the pack, and the strength of the pack is in the wolf”

Over the course of 10 weeks and 12 sessions, youth and their legal guardians will meet weekly for three-hour sessions centered on a variety of pro-social topics focused on improving individually as well as in the family unit. In addition, two residential (overnight) programs at Bradford Woods complement Project Wolf. The first overnight program consists of an intensive, outdoor experience for the youth participants, which focuses on the youth’s intrapersonal issues, self-esteem, ability to cope in a group environment, and new behavior patterns. The second overnight program consists of a Family Weekend in which parents/guardians spend a weekend with their child working on interpersonal relationship skills, enhancing communication, and strengthening trust. Project Wolf participants will also have 1 follow up meeting 3 months post program conclusion to review progress individually as well as in the family dynamic.