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Care for Kids

Opportunity Rox is a 5 phase multi-year therapeutic program that focuses on providing youth and young adults (ages 12-25) in the foster care system with an incredible opportunity to succeed. In conjunction with the Care for Kids Foundation, Bradford Woods RT staff coordinate various sessions which focus on practical skill development such as health and wellness, psycho-social skills, finances, activities of daily living, and a healthy leisure lifestyle. This is a multi-year program of positive achievement, therapy, and growth that results in increased independence, self-esteem, and ultimately improved career and personal success in life.

  • Phase One (year one): week-long Therapeutic Summer Camp session for 11-14 year olds
  • Phase Two (year two): Fall Family Weekend, Winter Weekend, and a week-long Spring Camp for 14-15 year olds
  • Phase Three (year three): Fall Weekend, week-long Winter Camp, week-long Spring Camp for 15-16 year olds
  • Phase Four (year four): week-long Summer Camp, Fall, Winter, Spring Week-Long Camps for 17-18 year olds
  • Phase Five (year five – ten): Housing and career / college support and counseling