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The following are responses from participants in our Military & Family programs:

“All staff are exceptionally skilled and mindful of all facets that are in play with participants at any given time. They are personable and engaging while being mindful of objectives and safety. Well done!”
-Project Odyssey Participant, April 2016

“The team at Bradford Woods have always been and continue to make OUR warriors feel welcome and safe.”
-WWP Combat Stress Recovery Specialist, May

“I could not have asked for a better experience. I am truly grateful for everything and everyone here.”
-Project Odyssey Participant, May 2016

“This experience was life changing. The staff went above and beyond in every sense of the situation. Thank you all so much.”
-Project Odyssey Participant, May 2016

“The staff and program was absolutely amazing and life changing. THANK YOU.”
-Project Odyssey Participant, May 2016

“Every one of the Wounded Warrior Project and Bradford Woods staff members were amazing. They really care and I can tell they love what they do, and it was infectious. It was an amazing learning experience.”
-Project Odyssey Participant, August 2016

“All staff were wonderful, fun, friendly and trustworthy. We loved our weekend here!”
-Family Battle Buddies participant, August 2016

“I really enjoyed the facilitators! I really appreciate everything and I am definitely taking home with me a lot of knowledge and insight. Great program!”
-Family Battle Buddies participant, March 2016

“Very impressive, well organized and great information. This is a great program!!”
-Family Battle Buddies participant, March 2016

“The program made you think about your life and how to address the struggles. The staff were great with the children. The parents had time to relax. Everything we did focused on situations we face daily and addressed how we should react to them. The complete staff were a plus and they made this weekend wonderful (you guys are amazing). The time that was put into this was detailed and it was fun to spend time with such GREAT people.”
-Family Battle Buddies participant, March 2016

“The staff were AMAZING. They treated our children as if they knew them from the start. The care and compassion shown to the kids and us has by far been the best yet I have experienced. The tasks completed and talks we had were eye openers to myself and my husband.”
-Family Battle Buddies participant, March 2016