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BW Environmental Education 2015-42

When No Child Left Behind was passed as a law by the federal government, schools became aware that they would lose large amounts of revenue and have sanctions enacted on them if they didn’t comply. As they began to change the way things were done and tests were created, Bradford Woods felt the need to validate the programs being delivered to the school children. There were committees formed that looked very closely at the lessons being taught. Some lessons were dropped and others added so that the curriculum would be aligned with state and national standards in science and math. Coincidentally and then purposefully, they were also aligned with language arts and social studies.

Bradford Woods is an outdoor learning center owned by Indiana University. Because of this, the activities are connected to research and best practices for learning about environmental education. Bradford Woods is not just “camp,” but instead, everything here is carried out with specific goals, objectives, and purpose. Our learning modules are based on state and national standards for science, math, language arts, and social studies. As Indiana changes to the core curriculum model, so too will Bradford Woods. Each year, the standards are updated and diligently connected to the modules that are taught by highly educated and trained instructors.

3-day thematic units

These units begin on the first day of a 3-day residential program and each module builds on the information of the previous module. The units are online for you to see, including the standards addressed with each.

Curriculum Guide

Each of these units is available year-round, unless otherwise marked as seasonal.