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Off-Site Activities


Bradford Woods is able to offer a number of off-site activities led by our Adventure Education staff. If you’re interested in booking an off-site activity, please contact us.


Caving is an option for groups to add-on to existing programs or to do as a stand-alone program. Our favorite location is Buckner’s Cave in Bloomington, Indiana. Caves are unique in the fact that they are 55 degrees year-round, making it possible to go caving any month of the year. We have seasoned spelunkers ready to take you on an amazing adventure that is not for your average tourist. These caves are full of tight squeezes and long crawls, stalactites, and stalagmites, straws, cones, and other features, bats, mud, and fun!


Sometimes it’s nice to get outside on real rock! Climbing is an option as an add-on or stand-alone activity. We have all the equipment needed for a fun-filled day. Whether it is a 5.0 or 5.11, we will work with you on climbing high! We like to head down to Unlikely Wall south of Bloomington or take a longer trip to the cliffs at Red River Gorge, Kentucky.


The 2500 acres at Bradford Woods provides a natural setting for backcountry camping including backpacking, outdoor living skills, and Leave No Trace© principals. We can provide any or all equipment needed for your next adventure. Whether it is a 1-day or multiple days, our site is a beautiful place to explore in all seasons. Indiana is also home to the Hoosier National Forest ( and we can explore many other places of your choice. We are always eager for a road trip. Just let us know when and where and we will be there to lead the way.