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Challenge Courses


Often referred to as ropes courses, challenge courses do not always involve ropes, but always involve working with a team to achieve a set goal.  Programs are designed to follow a sequence of activities that will provide a safe, fun, and progressively challenging environment.  Bradford Woods provides both low and high challenge courses.

Ground-Based Initiatives: Used at the beginning and throughout the program to provide both physical and mental activity to warm up, energize, refocus, or prepare for the next activity.

Low Challenge Course: More intense than initiatives, low challenges often involve props or pre-set structures that a group must navigate either mentally, physically or both.  Participants are taught appropriate group spotting techniques that provide the safety mechanism for the event.  These events are anywhere from 2-10 feet from the ground. There are approximately 20 different low challenge events at Bradford Woods including a telephone pole (TP) shuffle, spider’s webs, all aboard, wild woozy, nitro crossing, the team wall and much more.

High Challenge Course: It is not only your physical, but mental strength that is needed to climb high.  High challenges involve heights of more than 10 feet and require ropes, harness, and helmets to keep participants safe.  Still a team event, high challenge events will push the individual leader to be a better part of the whole.  Don’t worry if everyone is not ready to actually climb.  These events provide opportunities for everyone to be involved.  From holding a rope on belay, spotting, or even coaching a climber, there is a need for every individual! High challenge events at Bradford Woods include a 25’ high ropes course; 30’ pamper platform 40’ four-sided climbing wall, zip line, 50’ alpine tower, and 30’ giant swing.

Amazing Race: This is a race conducted Bradford Woods-style. We take initiatives and low challenge elements and place them in areas that you have to locate. Either with clues or maps, you take on the challenge, figure out your strategy, and find your way. Activities can also be done off-site or inside a facility of your choice. This program is often custom-designed and priced and is great for groups with large numbers of participants.