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Program Areas

Bradford Woods is an auxiliary enterprise of Indiana University and is part of the academic mission of the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation in the Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies department. As a key component of the University family, Bradford Woods seeks to promote and further the mission of the University by providing teaching, service, programs and research.

What do we do?

We have been providing development opportunities to youth and adults locally, nationally, and globally for over fifty years. Established in 1941, we have grown to serve people from many cultures and corners of the world. Today we are leaders in experiential learning and are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art educational, recreational and professional programs and service to a wide variety of organizations. We currently operate with five program areas:

How do we do it?

Act to Learn…Learn to Act: Our educational model. Participation and reflection are natural components of a learning process that leads to growth and change. Experience and reflection integrate learning into life: “What we hear, we forget. What we see, we remember. What we do, we understand.”