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Project NOAH

The Nutrition, Outdoor Activity, and Health (N.O.A.H.) Network Program includes a week-long camp experience, family weekend camp, a weekly evening program, a YMCA and Youth Development Center Pass, and a Fitbit! pool-web


The N.O.A.H. Network Program is designed to improve the health of Morgan County youth through fun and engaging activities. This innovative program will use activities like canoeing, hiking, nutrition education, and team challenges to help participants increase physical activity, increase nutrition knowledge, achieve weight loss goals, and make new friends. The program includes a one week residential camp, a weekend family camp, and 40 weeks of weekly evening programs all located at Bradford Woods. Transportation support is available if requested. Participants will have the option to take part in a research study and can opt out at any time.


Are you a teen living in Morgan County, IN? Do you want to improve your health by learning and participating in a physical activity and nutrition program? If you said YES to these questions, then this might just be the program for you! Program is limited to 20 participants. If more than 20 apply, priority will be given to those with the highest BMI or highest risk for diabetic health status and greatest socioeconomic need. Those not selected, will be offered resources on physical activity and nutrition.


The goal of this program is to build a social network around physical fitness and nutrition while enhancing health and well-being.


  • One week camp – June 25th – 30th
  • Family weekend camp – July 7th – 9th
  • Evening sessions (Tuesdays) – 5:00-7:30pm, August 1, 2017 to May 22, 2018

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