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Natural Health & Wellness

May 4, 2012 by Melanie

I spoke with a number of people throughout the week about topics related to health and wellness in the outdoors. One conversation was from an adult participant feeling very overworked and stressed in her life. As she spent a few days at the Woods, she mentioned a couple times how much better she feels to be in the outdoors and literally “take a breath of fresh air.” She actively took advantage of opportunities for a quick hike to get her heart rate going as well as relish in the beauty around her. She also mentioned the healthy eating options we provided. A salad offered at every meal along with fruit and whole grains gave her and others energy needed to stay active through the day.

As I sit at my office computer, yet look through the double windows overlooking the woods, I can’t help but feel fortunate to work at a place that offers me this gift: to live and promote health and wellness in the outdoors.

Bradford Woods can be that place for you to come and relax, to try something new, to push yourself to new levels, to toss the cell phone, iPod, iPad, iPhone, laptop computer, and whatever other media device you use for even just a day and disengage to re-engage with yourself, others, and the environment.

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