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Dining & Catering

While staying at Bradford Woods, our professional Dining & Catering Services staff can prepare all your meals for you. Our food service department can meet your needs and budget, whether you’re looking for a family-style meal or a catered formal dinner with white linen tablecloths, prime rib and dessert. Our staff also has extensive experience in catering to vegetarians, vegans and individuals with specific dietary needs – and our food is prepared in nut-free kitchens.

The event planners for groups are asked to select their menu choice approximately two weeks prior to their event. Ten business days prior to their event, the event planner is asked to guarantee the number of non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals. We use these numbers to order the right amount of food for your event (if you feel like you have a group that eats an exceptional amount of food, please let us know). At your catered event, the buffet line will be stocked with the non-vegetarian selection. We will cook just the right amount of food for your group’s vegetarians and set this selection away from the rest of the buffet line. After your event has concluded, your group will be charged for the number of individuals who eat the meal or the guaranteed number, whichever is larger.


Meals are generally served in Baxter Dining Hall, Carr Center, the Manor House, Agape Lodge, Griffith Hall, or Cross Keys Inn. Exceptions can be made to serve meals at other locations on property, including outdoor cookouts and box lunches.


In accordance with university policy, visitors are not allowed to bring or self-serve alcohol at Bradford Woods. Alcohol must be acquired and served through an approved IU vendor. Ask your group coordinator for more details.


Menu selections are due two weeks prior to your event. Please return your menu selections to Suzette May at or (765) 342-2915 x5216.

Specific Diets

Bradford Woods makes every effort to accommodate specific dietary needs due to allergies or other medical concerns. If you or someone in your group has a specific dietary need, please let us know two weeks prior to your event date. If we know about the need in advance, we are happy to prepare reasonable substitute options complementary to the meal being served. Additionally, if your group has vegetarians or vegans, please let us know ahead of time and we will prepare meat-free entrees to go along with each meal. We will do our best to accommodate last-minute dietary requests, but may not be able to provide quality options without advance notice. Unfortunately, we cannot provide substitute options based on food preferences or personal taste.

If you have any questions regarding food and options, or need to discuss a specific diet in detail, please contact us via the information below.

Contact Info:
Suzette May
Catering and Dining Services
Phone: (765) 342-2915 ext 5216