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April Showers and Springtime Flowers

April 14, 2017 by Chad Simmons

“April started with rain, and everything was damp

But then the rains waned, and life returned to camp

Emerging from gloom and the springtime showers

Comes wildlife, sunshine, and springtime flowers


The trees start to bud, and the songbirds tweet

While travelers from all areas come to retreat

They hike our trails, and explore our grounds

While taking advantage of activities abound


From archery, zip lining, and canoeing with paddles

To orienteering, climbing, and throwing atl-atls

And when they are finished, and have given their best

Back to the cabins guests go to socialize and rest


Our cabins are quaint, with comfortable beds

Where weary travelers can bunk and lay their heads

The stillness is peaceful, the starlight brings charm

The songbirds will wake you, no need for an alarm


And when the dawn breaks, and the daytime restarts

It’s time for our travelers to awake and depart

They pack up their things, into their cars they will climb

While we wave them farewell, until next time.”


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