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Adult Summer Camp

Adult camp is for adults with physical and cognitive disabilities that thrive an an estimated 1:3 camper-to-staff ratio. In 2017, we have two summer adult camp sessions:

  • Adult Camp 1 – July 23-28 (Manor House)
  • Adult Camp 2 – July 30-August 4 (Baxter Cabins)

Please do not register for a session of camp before your application has been approved. Registrants that have not been approved will be removed and have camp fees refunded. We approve camp applications to ensure the most adults possible can enjoy camp!

Once your application has been approved for 2017, you will receive a link to register on the INlighten system. Below are instructions on how to register. If you are having problems registering please give us a call at 765-349-5135 ext.5218 or at

How to Register

  1. After you’ve accessed the INlighten page for Bradford Woods find the camp you have been accepted into; click on the camp. You’ll see session descriptions and dates, along with the price for the camp.
  2. You’ll find the section dates to the right of the page. Add the section to your cart.
  3. You can then click “Checkout” to proceed.
  4. You will have to create a Camper Profile for yourself. Click on “Sign Up” to create a profile. Note: This profile will be your information. You’ll have an opportunity to enter your camper’s name later.
  5. After clicking “Next”, please follow the directions listed on the page.
  6. You will receive a message from to verify your signup.
  7. Click the “Verify Signup” link in the email.
  8. This will take you to the INlighten log in screen.
  9. DO NOT use the Central Authentication System to log in. You will need use an auxiliary account: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo, to create your login credentials for the INlighten system. Choose one of the four badges to log in. Note: If you do not have one of these four accounts you WILL NEED to create one in order to register.
  10. After logging in you’ll find payment information at the top of the screen with the camp you’re registering for below.
  11. You will need to add your camper to finish registering. Click “Add Camper
  12. Choose the “Camper has No Email”’ option and complete the fields below.
  13. Once your camper is added click “Next
  14. You should now see your Camper’s name added under the camp name with the notation “Registering
  15. Click “Continue” to move to the payment confirmation page.
  16. If you received a promo code on the Sliding Scale sheet, please enter it here.
  17. If applicable, you will see the cost of camp be discounted based on the code provided.
  18. If you want to pay by check click “Pay Later(skip to #23)
  19. If you want to pay by credit card click “Pay Now
  20. If you pay by card you’ll be sent to a confirmation page, click “Next”, then you’ll be automatically directed to PayPal for processing. Note: You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay.
  21. PayPal will allow you to pay by credit card; choose Guest Checkout. If you have a PayPal account, you may login to pay.
  22. If you clicked the “Pay Later” option that means you are going to pay by check.
  23. Checks should be made out to Indiana University – Bradford Woods’
  24. Please note the camp you have registered for and your camper’s name on the memo line of the check. This will ensure that your payment will be added to our account with Indiana University Conferences and linked to your camper’s registration.
  25. All checks should be sent to:
    Indiana University Conferences
    PO Box 6212
    Indianapolis, IN 46206
  26. Once you’ve completed payment or chose to pay later, you will receive confirmation of your registration and payment. You will be able to log on to your INlighten account and access invoices or receipts and see any pending payment/information for your registration.

Cancellation Policy

Bradford Woods requires full payment for open enrollment events at the time of registration. The participant understands and agrees to the following CANCELLATION POLICY.

  • Cancelation with 15 days or more notice prior to program start date – 80% refund of total fee
  • Cancelation with 7-14 days notice prior to program start date – 50% refund of total fee
  • Cancelation with 6 days or less notice prior to program start date – no refund is available

Note: with physician documentation, a full refund will be given for medically specific reasons for cancellation