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Shay Dawson, CTRS
(765) 342-2915 x5103
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Tim Street, MPA
Associate Director
(765) 342-2915 x5289
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Outdoor Education and Professional Services

Please direct booking inquiries to the appropriate person below: for general retreats, contact Sheryl. For teambuilding and adventure activities, contact Andrew. For schools booking an environmental education program, contact Amran. You may also contact Melanie with questions about these areas. Thank you!

Melanie Wills
Director of Outdoor Education and Professional Services
(765) 342-2915 x5238
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Sheryl McGlory
Retreats Coordinator
(765) 342-2915 x5202
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Andrew Marsden
Assistant Director – Adventure Education
(765) 342-2915 x5271
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Amran Ahmad
Assistant Director – Environmental Education (Spring)
(765) 342-2915 x5299
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Recreation Therapy

Lisa Elder
Assistant Director, Therapeutic Programs
(765) 349-5135 x5213

Jac Conley
Assistant Director
Info TBD

Dining & Catering

Jose Fuentes
Dining & Catering Services Manager
(765) 342-2915 x5216
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Jeff Yutmeyer
Maintenance Supervisor
(765) 342-2915 x5211
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Diana Hargis
Housekeeping Supervisor
(765) 342-2915 x5224
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Administrative Staff

Kim Evans
Account Representative
(765) 342-2915 x5208
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Kim Nunn
Facilities Coordinator
(765) 342-2915 x5257

Alan Glasscock
IT Administrator
(765) 342-2915 x5106
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