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Tim Street, MPA
Acting Director
(765) 342-2915 x5289
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Shay Dawson
Research Director
(765) 342-2915 x5289
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Outdoor Education and Professional Services

Please direct booking inquiries to the appropriate person below: for general retreats, contact Chad. For teambuilding and adventure activities, contact Ryan. For schools booking an environmental education program, contact Amran or Jen. For military & family programming, contact Jordan. You may also contact Melanie with questions about these areas. Thank you!

Melanie Wills
Director of Outdoor Education and Professional Services
(765) 342-2915 x5238
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Chad Simmons
Assistant Director – Retreats
(765) 342-2915 x5202
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Ryan Craven
Assistant Director – Adventure Education
(765) 342-2915 x5271
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Amran Ahmad
Assistant Director – Environmental Education (Spring)
(765) 342-2915 x5299
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Jordan McIntire
Assistant Director – Military & Family Programming
(765) 342-2915 x5216
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Recreation Therapy

Lisa Elder, CTRS
Director – Recreation Therapy
(765) 349-5135 x5212
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Tommy Gardner, CTRS
Assistant Director – Medical Camping
(765) 349-5135 x5214
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Shannon Russell, CTRS
Assistant Director – Logistics
(765) 349-5135 x5213
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Nicholas Hunter-Shields
Administrative Assistant
(765) 349-5135 x5218
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Dining & Catering

Suzette May
Dining & Catering Services Manager
(765) 342-2915 x5216
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Jeff Yutmeyer
Maintenance Supervisor
(765) 342-2915 x5211
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Diana Hargis
Housekeeping Supervisor
(765) 342-2915 x5224
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Administrative Staff

Candis Jordan
Accounting Manager
(765) 342-2915 x5208
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Kim Nunn
Manager of Business Affairs & Facilities
(765) 342-2915 x5257

Alan Glasscock
IT Administrator
(765) 342-2915 x5106
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