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Outdoor Education and Event Management Internships


Bradford Woods offers Outdoor Education and Event Management Internships by way of the Professional Outdoor Instructor Position. This works well for students in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Studies who have a required 400 – 600 hour internship over the course of a semester. It also works well for an IU Student Field Experience (320 hours) that can span multiple semesters if needed. Our spring and fall positions work best for these internships and are scheduled from August-November and March-May each year. Students are required to fulfill the entire position, even after internship hours are met. This is a great opportunity for university students to gain real-world experience by actively teaching environmental education and facilitating team building to both elementary and middle school students. Our inclusive programs will also provide exposure to a variety of populations including those with disabilities (both cognitive and physical). The internship focused on event management will work primarily with our Retreats Department.

Click poi-internship or retreats-internship for more information.

POI Internship Highlights:

  • Teach students about the outdoor environment
  • Sing trail songs (or ditties as we like to call them)
  • Engage students in “teachable moments”
  • Provide outstanding professionalism and customer service
  • Facilitate leadership development through initiatives and low and high challenge courese
  • Entertain on the stage with skits and songs
  • Promote waste reduction by encouraging reduced “yuck” at meals
  • Model sound leadership practices

Retreat Internship Highlights:

  • Point of contact for numerous client groups including scrap booking clubs, family events, business meetings, and a variety of IU student or staff groups
  • Serve as Bradford Woods host for groups
  • Engage in and learn about contracting and billing processes and assist with client retention efforts
  • Respond to client inquiries through phone, email, or face-to face contact including property tours

To find out more about this position, please go to our Outdoor Education Seasonal Positions page and scroll down to Professional Outdoor Instructor

Please apply through the Professional Outdoor Instructor application process

Questions? Contact Melanie Wills at 765-342-2915 or