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Save time by filling out the participation agreement form before you arrive.

Participation Agreement Form (PDF)

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Policies and Procedures

These policies and procedures are written for the integrity of our property and programs, the longevity of our organization, and your safety. Because your program agreement is based upon these, you are required to read and comply with all policies and procedures.

Emergencies and First Aid

Bradford Woods does not provide health services.  Each group is responsible for providing its own first aid kit, emergency care and transportation, and nursing services.

If you have an emergency, notify your event coordinator so they alert trained staff members who can assist.

Youth Programs

Retreat groups are responsible for supervising minors during their stay. All group participants ages 18 and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

You are required to comply with Indiana University’s Policy on Programs Involving Children, which requires background checks be completed on all adults working with children. Please review the link above or ask your event coordinator for details of the policy.

For all retreats involving minors, groups must have at least one adult for every 12 minor participants. Please observe the following supervision ratios for camps based on participant age:

  • 5 years and younger: 1:5 staff-to-camper ratio (1:6 for day camps)
  • 6-8 years: 1:6 staff-to-camper ratio (1:8 for day camps)
  • 9-14 years: 1:8 staff-to-camper ratio (1:10 for day camps)
  • 15-18 years: 1:10 staff-to-camper ratio (1:12 for day camps)

Additionally, at least 80 percent of staff should be 18 years of age. All staff should be at least 16 years of age and at least two years older than the minors with whom they are working.

Two staff chaperones or members should always be present any time campers are changing clothes, showering, or sleeping in cabins.

Research and Teaching

We are proud to offer experiential learning and research opportunities for the students and faculty of Indiana University and other institutions. Through this work, we’re able to provide exceptional experiential programming to our clients.